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OEC Surgical Imaging Equipment

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Surgical Imaging Associates offers a wide variety of surgical imaging equipment, video management systems, accessories, and GE OEC 9800 and 9900 C-Arms. All of our equipment is inspected and maintained by certified OEC clinical professionals. You’ll find new, certified pre-owned, and refurbished C-Arms, surgical imaging tables, and equipment at a price that your office or hospital can afford.

Our company has the latest and most widely used OEC surgical imaging equipment including C-Arms and imaging tables in the health care industry. You’ll find imaging equipment from the top manufacturers in the country including GE, Stille, Oakworks, IDI, Biodex, and Arcoma.

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Imaging Tables - Stille, Oakworks, IDI, Biodex, Arcoma, Morgan MEDesign and more:

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Surgical Imaging Products in Long Island

Surgical Imaging Products Serving Tri-State Areas

For more than 30 years our team has been the #1 provider of GE OEC Mobile C-arms and Surgical Imaging Products in Long Island and the Tri-State area.

Based in the picturesque town of Long Islands Northport, NY and with sales representatives strategically placed throughout the area we serve, we are ideally located to service our customers without compromise. Please Contact Us to discuss your Surgical Imaging Products and OEC Surgical Imaging Equipment needs.


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With Over 30 Years of Experience

We have the perfect and affordable OEC Surgical Imaging Equipment solutions.

Surgical Imaging Products New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

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