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We offer a wide selection of Biodex C Arm Tables that combine quality and affordability. We offer new and used imaging tables in the Tri-State New York and New Jersey areas. We can provide you with  top of the line  free float X-Y tabletop C arm tables to the lowest price point fixed height imaging tables. Biodex Medical Systems have been creating innovative imaging tables for over 60 years. At Surgical Imaging Associates we sell many options in Biodex C arm tables for use in Cardiovascular, Pain Management, 3D Imaging, Urology and more.

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The Biodex series of surgical tables can meet any Cardiovascular, Pain Management, or Urology needs.

Biodex C Arm Table Technology:


Ideal for cardiovascular procedures.

Affordably priced float-top table.

Ideal for pain care applications.

Fully equipped for image-guided urologic procedures.

Designed to function with C-arms.

Benefits of Biodex Tables:


Ideal C arm tables and imaging tables that offer many choices in quality to meet your needs. Motorized C arm tables are ergonomic to help keep sonographers injury free.


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