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C-ARMs New York - New Jersey - Connecticut

If you need a C-arms in New York, look no further than the GE line of C-arms. At Surgical Imaging Associates, we carry a variety of C-arm Imaging Equipment Models to suit a number of uses for clinics or hospitals. If you’re new to the GE line of C-arms, use this short guide to figure out what C-arm you require.  

Pain Management Imaging

If the focus of your practice is helping patients manage pain, the right C-arm has to have pinpoint accuracy for vital needle insertion into the cervical spine. What you want is superior design in order to scan challenging spine angles and powerful imagery to capture a clear view, even through dense anatomy. 

General Surgery Imaging

For accuracy, usability, and results, the OEC C-arms are unparalleled. That is why U.S. surgeons trust them above other methods of surgery. The OEC C-arm delivers crisp images with a powerful generator and it's highly rated as easy to navigate and manipulate.

Cardiovascular Procedures Imaging

Cardiovascular procedures are complicated and tricky, so don’t leave anything to chance. A GE OEC C-arm's imaging gives the surgeon control and precision. The GE product lines have a Motion Tolerant Subtraction (MTS), which allows for one injection in a single run, and sharp resolution imaging for extended periods, and finally, optimal penetration of the anatomy you’re focusing on. 

Urology Imaging

If you run a urology practice an OEC C-arm should have a capable urology table, flexibility, for ideal use, and productivity. 


Orthopedics Imaging

Choose a C-arm that’s specifically designed for orthopedics. The right piece of equipment will allow for precise penetration of in the lumbar and hip areas, no matter the size of your patient. In terms of imaging, you want clear, vivid images of the spine. Because of your busy practice, a quality GE OEC C-arm will be able to produce clear images in a short amount of time with fewer exposures.

Surgical Imaging Associates have been supplying the medical industry with GE OEC C-arms for over 30 years. We don’t just sell equipment, but develop long-term relationships with our customers. Call us today at 631-754-1702 to discuss which C-arm is right for you. Our sales department is happy to answer your questions!