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Oakworks Medical imaging tables offer many different options with 4 motion, 3 motion, 1 motion and fixed position tables.This imaging table features a durable lifting tower with the industry’s largest adjustable height range for more flexibility and control. Designed for optimal visualization, Oakworks Medical surgical imaging tables come with high radiolucency for enhanced cervical, thoracic, and lumbar imaging techniques. The table’s four positions make it easier for doctors and clinicians to adjust the position of the patient, increasing efficiency and improving OR safety.

Oakworks has been providing customers with innovative medical equipment, surgical imaging products, excellent service, and cost effective solutions for over 30 years. When it comes to cutting edge imaging tables, Oakworks Medical has collaborated with leading medical specialists to create patient positioning that balance needs of both patients and practitioners.

Oakworks Medical Imaging Table Sales New York and New Jersey

At Surgical Imaging Associates in New York and New Jersey, we are committed to offering cost effective solutions in imaging tables. Our sales representatives can assist you in sales for Oakworks Medical imaging tables including CFPM400, CFPM401 Multi-Specialty Table, and more. Contact us to learn more about our new and used imaging tables and OEC C arms that meet your needs and budget.

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Oakworks Medical imaging tables

Oakwork Medical Imaging Tables Technology:


Motions: 4 Motion, 3 Motion, and 1 Motion, Height, Trendelenburg tilt, Longitudinal travel, Lateral travel

Average Weight: 400-750 lbs

Oakwork Medical Benefits:


Since its inception, Oakworks has been committed to health and safety. Ergonomics for practitioners are paramount in our design process and in our factory.
We strive to secure the health of our planet and have partnered with Trees for the Future as Global cooling partners, committed to having a zero carbon foot print through the planting of trees.



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