Superb image quality and an easy-to-use interface.

The OEC 9900 Elite GE C arm is designed to deliver superb clinical images during both simple and challenging imaging cases, with fast and easy positioning. See which configuration – based on II size, type of C and optional features – will best meet your clinical needs. Imaging profiles optimize your image to compensate for bone and tissue. With the exclusive SmartView pivot joint, this GE C arm allows you to capture true lateral views regardless of the imaging angle, minimizing the need for repeated exposures. Features like articulating hi def monitors, SmartMetal distortion control, and patented DRM technology mean any OEC 9900 Elite you choose will provide superb images.

OEC 9900 Elite Mobile C-arm:

OEC 9900 Elite Premium Digital Mobile C-arm was designed with unique features that address your clinical needs.

  • Precision imaging Dynamic Range Management (DRM) for uncompromised image quality.
  • Our proprietary “no mask” or Motion Tolerant Subtraction (MTS) technique produces vascular images not previously possible on a mobile platform. Perform a complete extremity run-off with a single injection and single run.
  • The OEC 9900 Elite has a unique X-ray tube and cooling system that allows for full-resolution imaging for longer periods of time.
  • HD flat panel monitors on an articulating arm allow comfortable viewing of precise images.
  • Simple user interface reduces procedure time to improve efficiency.
  • Preset imaging profiles optimize I.Q. by enhancing features of interest.
  • Remote service connectivity to enable system performance diagnostics.
  • 1k x 1k high resolution imaging technology on a mobile system.
  • Benefits of the OEC 9900 Elite:

    • Improve your workflow and productivity. OEC C -arms are consistently rated by customers as easy-to-use because of the intuitive user interface and software design. A dual control mainframe and left-to-right layout means easy access for fast operation.
    • Optimize dose management. When you get a suberb image with the first exposure, there should be no need for re-takes and repeated exposures. Be Brilliant with OEC.
    • See more clearly. With100 times more image computing power than previous OEC C-arms, you’ll get exceptional image quality regardless of the complexity of your procedure.
    • Maximize uptime. Perform long procedures because our unique battery buffer technology allows for longer on-times. Active cooling and heat monitoring indicator help you manage uptime performance.
    • Maximize access. Our unique, deep C arc gives the desired patient access for pain management and cardiovascular procedures. Articulating monitors ergonomically offer you an ideal view of the workstation monitors.
  • GE OEC 9900 C-ARM Information: