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OEC Surgical Imaging Equipment


Change your surgical imaging perspective with the only mobile C-arm and integrated GE ultrasound system. For the first time, surgeons and physicians can access fluoroscopy and ultrasound in a single workstation. OEC Surgical Imaging Equipment is our specialty.

Experience efficiencies of workflow in the OR, space management, and cost with the OEC* Elite + Venue* 40.1

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The GE OEC 9900 with Venue 40

OEC Technology:


Needle recognition supports vision in three key areas – needle, anatomy and motion – to help accurately reveal the structure of a needle within anatomy, without distortion. Precisely visualize your target and surrounding anatomy – all with defined edges and detail.

Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) highlights vascular sensitivity for fine vascularity and low flow.

PDI quantification supports diagnosis and monitoring.

PDI sensitivity helps verify the presence of blood flow to help detect small vessels, inflammation and disease states in adult and pediatric patients.

Color and PDI quantification helps measure blood flow within a specific area to assist with diagnosis and monitoring.



Instead of moving patients or imaging equipment in and out of the OR during procedures, surgical staff can view collocated displays for fluoroscopy and ultrasound without leaving the OR.

Floor Space
The small footprint of the Elite + Venue 40 frees up valuable floor space, and a single machine means fewer cords on the floor in the OR.

The cost of the integrated imaging workstation can be less than buying individual components. Buy from one company, with one PO and get the power of two systems together.




OEC Elite + Venue 40

Give us a call at (631)-754-1702 or

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