For doctor’s offices, ERs and ORs alike, the Nu-BOOM and NuCART family of products from GE has a solution that can be adapted to every situation. View multiple images from customized angles on multiple monitors, moveable to optimize viewing during procedures. Or for optimum mobility, the Nu-Cart puts a full integrated visualization system on wheels to be transported wherever you need it.


Sometimes, it’s just easier to have things on wheels, which is why the NuCART visualization boom system is ideal.
Introducing the mobile version of the NuBOOM®, the world’s first all-in-one integrated equipment manager, visualization and boom system. The NuCART displays up to 4 bright, crisp images on high definition medical grade displays that are compatible with signals from surgical video cameras, PACS, fluoroscopy, ultrasound… Because it is mounted on wheels, the system can be rolled wherever it is needed.

The NuCART replaces old-fashioned, bulky video towers and is a more cost effective solution than suspending equipment and displays from ceiling booms. The best-in-class reach of the arms provides excellent ergonomically comfortable viewing zones on either side of the patient. The long booms can help alleviate tower clutter around the patient because of their 7’+ reach. The spacious shelvves help consolidate equipment into a single footprint-saving floor space.

NuCartNuBoom M4


NuBOOM M4 & NuBOOM M2 is the ideal visualization system for vascular procedures, urology suites, and endoscopy-intensive rooms where space is limited. From its compact, floor-mounted unit, you can view multiple images from many modalities. The unit’s high-definition monitors can be easily repositioned for optimal viewing and to minimize neck strain. Whether you’re designing a new operating room or as a replacement for a fixed Urology table, you’ve found a better way with NuBOOM M2. NuBOOM is manufactured by CompView Medical and distributed by GE Healthcare.

OEC Technology:

Two positionable boom supports four display monitors (up to two additional monitors can be added).

  • Articulating boom arms surround up to a 360° surgical area.
  • Accommodates multiple monitor viewing from a variety of angles.
  • Booms and arms retract for open surgeries.
  • HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) input and HD display monitor configurations.
  • Optional wall displays and touch panel locations.
  • Upgradeable and relocatable.



Our NuBOOM M4 & M2 Series is designed to be a perfect video integration system for Vascular procedures.

With NuBOOM you can: Get clear on-screen images within your field of view. When you image with an OEC 9900 Elite and view those images on a clear HD NuBOOM monitor, you’re sure to be in a position that offers you the view and comfort you need.

Customize your experience. The simple touch screen lets you incorporate your injectors, monitoring displays and multi-modality images where you want them, when you want them.

View multiple images at once. The system is available with up to six high-definition monitors mounted on articulating arms, so the screen you need can be brought in close for optimal viewing.

Maximize your OR resources. The NuBOOM M4 makes your room flexible and versatile – perform multiple types of procedures in the same room with quick turnover between procedures.